• Name: DBS-HVT13S Sending Box
  • Time: 2017-02-17
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1. specification

DBS-HVT13S is DBSTAR new generation led display synchronous sending card ,which is with 8 pcs network output ports ,it has multi types of video source connectors and controls large pixels screen ;and also the video source has loop output functions; use with press buttons and LCD panel ,you can set the screen easily without PC;

2. Technical

1:Driver big screen,4 network ports max support 2048X1152@60HZ, 8 network ports max support 4096x2048

2:2D and 3D integration capabilities, Support 3D video source directly, use with DBSTAR controller to realize 3D affection

3:abundance of video input connectors ,support HDMI single path, and DVI double path (3D)video input, may insert 3D video source directly .

4:real 8 network output ports, each position of output ports can be set according to your requirements.

5:support offline work, use with key buttons and LCD panel ,easy to read and set the screen parameters, such as: resolution selection, and turn on and off screen .

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